Thursday, September 3, 2009

2009 GEO

I have just received my very first Planet Eclipse GEO. I have never gotten a spool valve gun before and i have heard things here and there about the 2009 GEO. Some people have said wonderful things and other people tend to shy away from them for their own reasons.

I took my 2009 GEO out to the field this past weekend and was 100% convinced i will never buy another marker again! My 2009 GEO ripped! It never chopped once! I was getting about 1500-1600 shots off one fill of my 68/4500 tank. It was running so smooth and very quiet. Perfect for any player. I play snake and no one ever knew i was there it ran so quiet. I am very impressed with this gun! Honestly, don't listen to all the people who think this gun cant keep up since it is spool valve, my 2009 GEO will definitely show them they are wrong!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shooting the New 2009 GEO

Here is a quick video of the New 2009 Planet Eclipse Geo in 100% ramping. The 09 GEO can really throw paint! One of the fastest, most accurate and reliable markers on the market today. I would highly recommend the 2009 GEO to any of my friends who want a gun that will play like a pro in anyones hands.

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Planet Eclipse GEO

The brand new 09 GEO has been one of the most talked about guns on the market. Many people want to compare it with other high end brands, but honestly, it simply blow the competition out of the water.

The new 09 GEO has been newly designed with 1 moving part, the bolt, only 3 dynamic bolt seals, less wear and tear on the gun its self, and a new ISCIS, Integrated Solenoid Controlled Isolation System, allowing the elimination of the SIM's, Supply Isolation Mechanisms, from the bolt.

With all these new designs and upgrades it has now allowed the 09 GEO to weigh in at an extremely low 1.89lb including 14" Shaft3 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS. Which is remarkable. The 09 GEO is going to run the fields and change the dynamic of the paintball game all together.